Modern Desktop

Grow Your Business

Modernize your desktop practice with Microsoft 365 to increase security and productivity with an up-to-date infrastructure.

Intelligent Security

Keep customers’ organizations protected from modern threats with smart infrastructure.

Easy Deployment and Management

Help customers speed up the onboarding process with a seamless deployment experience.

Up-To-Date Technology

Give customers the latest functionality with in-product assistance and recommendations.

Proactive Insights

Get proactive insights that assist customers in reducing costs.

Productivity in the Cloud

At least 91 percent of companies will use cloud services to support devices this year according to the Forrester Total Economical Impact Study. Key points from this study below.

Device Deployment is Taxing and Costly

The manual nature of provisioning and updating devices today means that every new OS and application release requires significant time and resources.

IT Professionals Look to The Cloud

More than 90% of respondents expect to use the cloud in each facet of their device management operations within the next year.

Cloud Services are Easy and Flexible

Moving the device operations life cycle to the cloud presents a massive opportunity that is of great interest to I&O decision-makers. A transitional model can improve IT efficiency, agility, productivity, and cost management.


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