Migrate to Office 365

Cloud Navigator is one of the most experienced and high-volume email migration service companies in the world.

We provide Office 365 related services including email migration, archive migration, Skype initiation, SharePoint build-outs, and training.  Our team is ready to support you with optional onsite migration planning, preparation, and email migration management.  Our long track record and expertise in transitioning organizations to the Microsoft Cloud is an important factor for you to consider in your migration planning.

Our Proven Approach

Migration process

Cloud Navigator has successfully migrated hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of mailboxes Office 365 from environments including Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, Lotus Notes, Google Mail and GroupWise using our 5 step process.  ISC is one of the very few partners with the experience and expertise to perform large and complex migrations to the Microsoft cloud.  Our Microsoft Certified Architect has migrated over one million mailboxes to the Microsoft cloud offerings since their inception in 2005. ISC is actively migrating customers to the cloud on a weekly basis.

Customer Stories