Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

Confident that you are prepared for a disaster?

Hurricane season is here. Make sure your IT systems will be operational when you need them.

Watch the video below that describes the benefits of this easily deployable, cost effective solution.

With the power of The Microsoft Cloud and Cloud Navigator’s disaster recovery services, you get a cost-effective, automated solution to ensure business continuity. Avoid the risk of downtime posed by unforeseen conditions.

Protect Your Operations

Keep your business running during an emergency or disaster — or when mission critical hardware fails.

Protect Your Finances

Avoid the need to invest in secondary sites or infrastructure maintenance, and reduce the cost of downtime.

Protect Your Growing Data

Take the work and complexity out of managing your growing volumes of data by replicating to Azure with our automated solution.

Protect Your Customers

We test your disaster recovery procedures, and provide audit and compliance reporting without affecting production workloads

Take the risk out of natural disasters, failing IT infrastructure, human error, or malicious attacks.

It’s time to revisit your disaster recovery options. You may be paying for a service that is incomplete or just out-of-date. Traditional disaster recovery solutions are expensive as they require a complete infrastructural replication of your environment. Azure Site Recovery from ISC brings the next generation in protection to your business.

Leverage the Power of The Microsoft Cloud

  • Up-to-date Snapshots With Azure Site Recovery, snapshots are never more than a few minutes old. You can restore your workloads with minimal data loss.
  • Historical Data Retrieval With Azure Backup, you can retrieve files and folders from months or even years ago.
  • Replicate any Workload Both physical servers and Azure, Hyper-V, or VMWare VMs running supported versions of Windows or Linux can be protected.
  • Network Integration ISC will set up a VPN tunnel between your premises and an Azure network. Using a replica domain controller on the Azure network, you can fail workloads over to Azure and they can seamlessly interact with healthy workloads that remain on-premise.
  • Simple Monitoring With both emailed alerts and a single location in the Azure Portal, it is very easy to monitor the health of your protection. We do this for you under most plans, and provide a monthly summary of any significant issues.
  • Customized Solutions During onboarding, ISC will create recovery plans and runbooks. With these we can bring recovered servers up in a logical sequence, create desired security configurations, load balancers, and public endpoints, and assign servers to appropriate subnets. During our analysis we will identify workloads that may benefit from further protection, such as AlwaysOn for SQL Server instances or DataGuard for Oracle.
  • Test Without Disruption With test failovers, we bring your workloads up in an isolated network on Azure. There’s no disruption to your production environment.
  • No Extra Hardware Needed With Azure Site Recovery, you replicate to the cloud. There’s no extra hardware to maintain.
  • The Trusted Cloud Microsoft has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider, including HIPAA, CJIS, and IRS 1075. Use encrypted storage to make your data in the cloud even more secure

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