As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider or CSP, we supply access to cloud platforms directly from Microsoft.  Customers subscribe to The Microsoft Cloud with us and pay monthly for what they utilize.  There is an annual auto-renewing contract with Cloud Navigator.  Customers can request to cancel the contract with 60 days notice, and services can be discontinued at any time.

Subscriber benefits

Our Customers:

  • Scale up or down and add licensed users or take them away at any time.
  • Pay at the end of each month for what is utilized only.
  • Contact us directly here in Tallahassee, Florida for support.

Shared Responsibility

At Cloud Navigator we collaborate with organizations that operate all or part of their information technology services in The Microsoft Cloud.  We operate within a Shared Responsibility model that includes customers, our staff and Microsoft to ensure that systems are secure, reliable, high performance, durable, cost efficient and modernized.

To illustrate this concept, consider this layered approach to security:

  • For on-premises solutions, the customer is both accountable and responsible for all aspects of security and operations.
  • For IaaS solutions, the elements such as buildings, servers, networking hardware, and the
    hypervisor are managed by the platform vendor–Microsoft. The customer is responsible or has a shared responsibility with the solution provider, Cloud Navigator, for securing and managing the operating system, network configuration, applications, identity, clients, and data.
  • PaaS solutions build on IaaS deployments, and Cloud Navigator is additionally responsible to
    manage and secure the network controls. The customer is still responsible or has a shared
    responsibility for securing and managing applications, identity, clients, and data.
  • For SaaS solutions, Microsoft  and Cloud Navigator provide the application and abstracts customers from the underlying components. Nonetheless, the customer continues to be accountable; they must ensure that data is classified correctly, and they share a responsibility to manage their users and end-point devices.

The importance of understanding this shared responsibility model is essential for customers who are moving to the cloud. The Microsoft Cloud offers considerable advantages for security, compliance, resiliency, performance and cost management, but these advantages do not absolve the customer responsibility

Next Steps…

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